The Global Green League 2022

The purpose of global universities ranking is to highlight which universities are the greenest in world, from Europe, to Asia, Africa and the Americas. We currently have a UK based green league, run by the UK charity people and planet. The league is separated into first class, 2:1 and 2:2 honours. We are hoping to develop a similar methodology for all universities in the world except to start with we will only highlight the ones that are doing well across the globe – with the aim to build a league table in the long run.

A league table will require a lot of time to produce criteria which are fair across-the-board for all countries and an efficient system for data submission. Due to the size and scale of the task we naturally won’t be able to rank every university in every country it will be a case of picking the best universities in each country and a way for universities that are not as green to get promoted to the top league, similar to a soccer based club system.